31 Before 31

Here is my list of 31 things to do before I turn 31 in September 2014:

1. Visit a country I’ve never been to:

Last year this challenge helped to prompt me to arrange a trip to Iceland, so I want to repeat the success this year.

2. Learn to drive:

This is one of last year’s challenges that has rolled over to this year. I started learning and took a bunch of lessons but gave up due to lots of other commitments. I hope to re-start this year and pass my test.

3. Speak at a conference:

I’m due to speak at the Future of Web Design conference in London in April 2014, so this challenge should be in the bag – except I want to be fully prepared and ready for it in good time, with plenty of rehearsals and a good deck of slides.

4. Publish a craft eBook:

I’ve wanted to write a book about making things for years, and I want to do it this year and publish it myself.

5. Eat five a day:

I want to commit to getting my five fruit and veg a day as I know it makes me feel better.

6. Print more photos:

This is another one that’s rolled over from last year, and remains to be important to me.

7. Re-organise my spare room:

Another from last year that half got done and then didn’t. Still needs to be done.

8. Get my hair cut regularly:

I hate getting my hair cut because I hate talking to hairdressers. I can go for six or nine months without getting my hair even trimmed and it makes me look like a cavewoman. This year, I want to get it trimmed at least every three months!

9. TBC..