30 Before 30

In September 2013 I’m turning 30, and I’m not looking forward to it. As a measure to make me feel better about it I want to achieve a bunch of things to make the milestone a bit more positive.

Here is my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30:

1. Visit a country I’ve never been to: DONE!

I’ve been to Iceland!

Read about my adventure in Reykjavik.

2. Learn to drive: IN PROGRESS

I’ve got my provisional license and I’m having driving lessons.

3. Get a car

Not got one of these yet, but at the moment I am planning on getting a Citroen C1 once I have passed my test.

4. Save money every month

This is sort of happening, but I’ve been pretty erratic about it. Must get better!

5. Learn how to apply contouring make up

I’ve bought a contouring palette by Sleek, but I’ve not tried it yet. I’m no longer really bothered about this though at the moment.

6. Write an average of one blog post per week

This has not happend! After a promising start I’ve lapsed. I still hope to do this though.

7. Design and write a knitting pattern

Nope, no progress here!

8. Buy a new DSLR: DONE!

I’ve bought a Canon 60D and I am learning how to use it.

9. Take more photos and print them

I have started taking more photos:
Analogue Digital Experiments post.

I took a lot of photos in Iceland, including some time lapse ones which challenged me more than any other pictures I’ve taken in years.

10. Publish an article on a pro website or magazine: DONE!

I have had a comic published on the Bristol Media website: What is this UX thing?.

The comic has also been featured on Chinwag!

11. Go to Center Parcs

Not managed to plan this in yet 🙁

12. Go pottery painting

Not yet.

13. Sew an item of clothing from scratch: DONE!

I’ve made the Simplicity 2226 skirt! I am planning to post about this soon.

I’m also booked on a pyjama-making workshop, and I’ve bought some more skirt sewing patterns. I’m very excited about this as I am really enjoying the satisfaction of sewing!

14. Paint at least three pictures

I’m going to amend this one: I am doing drawing again which I think is something more important now.

15. Set up an Etsy shop

Not sure about this one. I put it in because really, I just want to be more creative and I’m no longer sure having an Etsy shop will achieve this.

16. Reach 50 followers on BlogLovin’

Heh, I think to get to this I’m going to need to sort my blogging out more!

17. Create an editorial calendar

I’m working on this – nothing to share yet…

18. Design my own repeat patterns

This is the next thing on my to-do list.

19. Print my own fabric

Kinda dependant on number 18 getting done first!

20. Loose half a stone

I wish. I think I’ve put on half a stone this year. I need to sort this out.

21. Do more exercise

I’ve joined a gym (but haven’t yet been to it…).

22. Detox / Eat healthier

Trying to get my five a day. This is going much better.

23. Shop more in Charity shops

I’ve had few opportunities to do this, but I’m hopeful this will change soon.

24. Go to a car boot sale

Not done yet, but I have been to a jumble sale and a flea market!

25. Buy better quality clothes

I bought a real wool Icelandic jumper on holiday which is the best quality garment I have bought in a very long time.

26. Keep a diary

Have started a blogging diary to help organise my posts. No personal diary yet.

27. Make new friends

Not really done this apart from with work colleagues.

28. Re-design my spare room

The spare room has been cleared out! But not re-configured yet.

29. Spend more time with my family

I’ve been doing more of this 🙂

30. Be happier

This is more of an ongoing challenge, but its the most important thing of all.