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World Pangolin Day 2013

Poster for World Pangolin Day 2013

Today is World Pangolin Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the Pangolin, one of the Earth’s most unusual yet persecuted animals.

Photo of a pangolin on grass

The Pangolin is a scaly mammal that lives in Africa and Asia, and is being hunted towards extinction due to its body parts being used in traditional (but unproven) medicine. Much like the more publicised causes such as the black market for Rhino horns and the like, Pangolins face brutality at the hands of poachers. Unlike the Rhino or Tiger, Pangolins are far less well known or talked about – their plight goes unheard.

As today is all about them, I would like to ask you to help raise awareness for these very unusual, special and charming creatures in the hope that by more people hearing about them and learning of their plight, perhaps more can be done to save them before they are hunted to extinction.

Current Global Pangolin Status

The status’ below is taken from PangolinsSG.org.

Asian pangolins:

Manis pentadactyla (Chinese Pangolin) – Endangered
Manis javanica (Sunda or Malayan Pangolin) – Endangered
Manis culionensis (Philippine Pangolin) – Near Threatened
Manis crassicaudata (Indian or Thick-tailed Pangolin) – Near Threatened

African pangolins:

Smutsia temminckii (Cape or Temminck’s ground Pangolin) – Least Concern
Smutsia gigantea (Giant ground Pangolin) – Near Threatened
Phataginus tricuspis (Tree or African White-bellied Pangolin) – Near Threatened
Uromanis tetradactyla (Long-tailed or Black-bellied Pangolin) – Least Concern

How you can help Pangolins today:


Please consider Tweeting with the hashtag #worldpangolinday


‘Like’ World Pangolin Day on Facebook


Consider making a donation to the Pangolin Specialist Group who are part of the Zoological Society of London.