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January Nails

Photo of nails painted with polish and sparkly tips

It’s January. Arguably the most boring of all the months, no? I’ve been lusting after the simplicity of nude nails, just plain and simple and clean. But, in the same breath, I’m not ready for no glitter. These nails mourn the passing of the glitteriest festival of the year, Christmas, and welcome the remainder of winter.

This is Essie’s ‘Sugar Daddy’. Five coats of Sugar Daddy to be specific. The tips are painted with Models Own ‘Juicy Jules’ – just a light coat. Finished with a top coat of No7 clear polish.

All of the other Essie polishes I’ve tried have been fantastic, but this one is pants. Five coats. FIVE. And its still transparent. £7.99 is too much for a polish that takes five coats to achieve not very much.

Photo of nails painted in Essie Sugar Daddy and Models Own  Juicy Jules

Topshop ‘Dark Knight’ Nail Polish

Photos of glittery blue nail polish
Clockwise from left: 3 coats of polish, one coat of polish, posing with some Babycham

Another disappointing polish from Topshop… I’m starting to wonder if its just me, or if they are all crap?

This polish looks beautiful in the bottle, and once its applied and you see it at a distance and squint a bit. That’s where the pretty-ness ends though.

Topshop describe Dark Knight as this:

Fast drying, extra long wear with lasting glossy glitter finish and perfect coverage. Apply base coat, wear alone or apply over another colour, and finish with glossy topcoat. For best results, always follow these three steps.

Via Topshop

Er, no. This is describing a completely different polish. Dark Knight is slooooow to dry, it chips after a day, has a dull finish and has a lumpy and stripy coverage. In fact, the polish is so gloopy to paint with its like working with partially dried PVA glue.

I think Topshop nail polish sucks. I’m not going to buy another bottle unless they radically change their formula as £6 is too much for such a crap product. I’d rather go to the Pound Shop and buy six bottles of Revlon nail polish, or a Model’s Own polish.

Have you had any better luck with Topshop nail polish?


Most Disappointing Nail Polish, EVER

Photo of Topshop glitter nail polish
Topshop’s ‘Mercury Rising’ nail polish

This is the most disappointing nail polish I have tried all year. Seriously, how crap is the glitter in this polish compared to how awesome it looks in the bottle?

I’m wearing two coats in the picture above – I couldn’t see the point of trying with a third coat. The glitter is really uneven to work with and the finish just looks plain crap. I don’t even know if this would work over a coloured base. I feel like I’ve wasted £6 on this and I could have got something a lot better from Barry M at half the price.

Have you tried Mercury Rising and had better luck? I’d love to know!

Xmas Party Outfit Challenge

FashionVouchers.com is running a special ‘Xmas Party Outfit Challenge’ for bloggers at the moment. The challenge is to put together a Christmas party outfit for £100 from any of the shops featured on the Fashion Vouchers website. There are three prizes of £100 of vouchers to win, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed about this entry!

My outfit entry:

Collage of pictures of a Christmas party outfit
I’ve picked items that have a dark, gothic feel, but tried to make it a bit more festive with some sparkle on the dress, the nails and some forest green. The shoes and bag are both sueded for a bit of texture to contrast with the dress’ smooth and sparkly look. The nails are purposefully clashing with the green: I love pink and green together!

Get the look:

All the items are from Missguided.co.uk

Vanella Cross Over Bodycon Dress In Deep Green, £29.99

Sadira Suede Skull Clutch Bag In Black, £16.99

Barry M Nail Glitter in ‘Pink Sapphire’, £2.99

Jenine Suede Studded Platform Shoe Boots, £49.99

Outfit total: £99.96

What do you think of the look I’ve put together? Have you taken part in this blogger challenge, if so, please let me know so I can have a look!

Epic Autumn Make Up Haul

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin…

I’ve been a busy-bee throughout October and November, mainly with my job which has been taking me all over the country; Sheffield, Leicester, Milton Keynes etc. I travel by train, and sometimes this means I have an odd hour here or there while I am waiting for a connection, and so I take a long-overdue lunch break. The following haul is the result of these short ‘breaks’ and mainly was bought in Birmingham at the Bullring and the Palisades shopping center (its connected to New Street Station).

Boredom, fatigue and long-hours has done this to me!


Here is my very first foray into Topshop’s make up range:
Collage of make up bought in Topshop

1. Topshop Lip Crayon in “Secret Party”

This crayon is a bright and sparkly shade of pink-fuchsia. When I swatched it in-store I made a little squee sound as the colour and sparkle was so pretty. It had to be mine. I’ve not worn this out yet (its definitely a party shade and not a work shade for me), but I will do a proper review once I have put it through its paces – hopefully at my work Christmas party.

2. Topshop Nail Polish in “Dark Knight”

This is such a beautiful glitter polish – it charmed me with its similarity to Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe. I’ve bought this to make nail polish jewellery, as there is a lovely deep quality to the jelly blue polish which will look stunning when layered. I’ve not tried this on my nails yet.

3. Topshop Nail Polish in “Mercury Rising”

Again, this is another purchase inspired by nail polish jewellery. This glitter changes colour in different lights, which will make it perfect for using on jewellery as it will help to add interest as well as catch the light. I’ve not tried this on my nails yet – but it will probably be what I wear to my office Christmas party.

Boots & Superdrug

A collection of goodies bought at different times over the past couple of months. These have been impulse buys: often when I have forgotten to bring something with me to a meeting. All of the items here were bought as part of different in-store offers, like the Boots buy one, get one half price and Superdrug’s three for two deal. So, its not as naughty as it may at first appear. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

Collage of makeup bought in Boots and Superdrug

4. Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette in shade “2”

I bought this in a rush, and meant to buy shade “1”. I’ve not really had a chance to play with this properly. It is a smidge too dark for me, but the pink-toned shade will probably work fine. Its a lovely little palette though – small, sleek and sturdy.

5. Sleek i Divine Palette in “Oh So Special”

I bought this after loosing my favourite “Au Naturel” palette, and because I am still hoping it will turn up, I didn’t want to buy a direct replacement and this one appealed to me. I love these palettes. They are great value and not too shimmery. I’ve only been using the more natural brown and beige shades so far. I’m very happy with this collection and love the packaging, especially the mirror in the lid which comes in very handy for doing my make up on trains (an all-to-frequent occurrence!).

6. L’oreal Rouge Caresse in “Impulsive Fuchsia”

I bought this when I was really pushed for time, and I thought I was buying a lighter shade. I was quite shocked by how bright this shade is – its a really potent fuchsia! I have worn this once or twice, its not an everyday shade for me. I love the texture and the finish of this lipstick. I wish I had actually picked up the lighter shade I was looking at as I would wear this a lot if only it was lighter and less attention-grabbling. On a side note: this shade appears very differently in different lights, it sometimes even has a blue-tinge.

7. Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in “Plum Rocks”

I’ve become a little obsessed with finding the perfect plum lip colour for winter, and this was the product that got me started. I haven’t bought anything from Rimmel for a long time, I have always been quite disappointed in their products, and I don’t like Kate Moss so I avoid them. This pretty, sparkly plum gloss caught my eyes and I have worn it LOADS since I picked it up. Its not too sticky and it feels really nice on my lips. It’s got multicoloured teeny-weeny glittery sparkles in it that are not too OTT for everyday. Loving it.

8. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Honey”

I finally gave in and tried these much-hyped lip crayons, and I love them. I’m using ‘Honey’ a lot for everyday ware. Its a really natural shade, but just adds enough colour. Perfect. The only criticism I have about these balm stains is that they smell just like dental floss does which is a bit strange. Could be much worse though! My verdict is they are worth the hype and are worth their £7.99 price tag, but they are even better when bought as part of a three for two offer.

9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Crush”

This is part of my obsession to find the perfect plum lip colour. I like this shade a lot, however, it does have a tendency to slide about on the lips if I’ve put a bit too much on. I really like the packaging of these balm stains – it feels nice and sturdy and safe to keep in my handbag (no lipstick-lip-off calamities, I’m looking at you Boots 17!).

Helen E

All these goodies were bought in Debenhams as part of an introduction to the Helen E brand – they had some special deals on that made all these goodies much more affordable. I got the Skin Smoother, eyeliner, lip crayon, and a set of latex free make up sponges for £20, and then they had a second deal on where you could buy any three items for £10. The lady at the counter gave me an extra shimmer powder because I had bought the other two deals. Brill!

I am yet to use these properly, but once I have I will share more about what this brand is like. In the meantime you can see more on their website: www.helen-e.com.

Collage of makeup bought from Helen E at Debenhams

10. Helen E Eyeliner and smudger in “Black”

A standard black eyeliner with a smudger on one end. Not much to say on this as I have not even swatched it yet.

11. Helen E Lip Crayon in “Pomegranate”

I swatched this one in the shop and loved the colour, it is exactly the shade I had been looking for. It will complement the plum lipsticks and glosses I have been collecting.

12. Helen E Lip Gloss in “Redcurrant”

This is a lovely colour, and I am looking forward to trying it out properly. First impressions are good, but I’ve not worn this out yet so I don’t know what the wear time is yet.

13. Helen E Skin Smoother – one shade fits all

This is the product that attracted me to the Helen E stand in Debenhams. Its a balm-like product that blends on the skin and adapts to complement most skin tones, from light through to medium/dark. Its really silky in texture and feels nice on the skin. I have only tried this on the back of my hand as I type this, but I will definitely be doing a proper review of this soon as I am really hoping it will be a winner when it comes to travelling light.

14. Helen E Shimmer Eye Powder in “32”

These cute little hexagonal pots are fantastic. The range of colours available is awesome, and they are all super-pigmented. This particular shade is a shimmery dark brown.

15. Helen E Shimmer Eye Powder in “26”

This is a really surprising dark black shimmery powder. It is proper intense black and you need hardly any to get a really strong look.

16. Helen E Shimmer Eye Powder in “30”

This is a shimmery lime green with yellowy/golden undertones and like the other shimmer eye powders has excellent colour pay off.

H & M

Here are some nail polishes I have picked up to use in my nail polish jewellery. Although I already have an epic nail polish collection, these four offer me something a bit different to work with on the jewellery. I’ve always been really impressed with H & M nail polish and it is great value for money.

Collage of nail polish bought at H&M

17. H & M Nail Polish in “Purple”

A fine glitter polish which catches different colours in the light.

18. H & M Nail Polish in “Gold”

A purple glitter fest: strands of holographic glitter, fine purple glitter, and some larger blue glitter thrown into the mix.

19. H & M Nail Polish in “Silver Frost”

A chunky silver glitter with finer micro glitter in cute Snow White packaging. I’ve bought this one to use in place of my super expensive Deborah Lippmann ‘Today was a Fairytale’ polish.

20. H & M Nail Polish in “Make Me Blush”

A pale frosty pink polish with little micro glitter speckles in it. Very cute and girly with the Snow White packaging.


I finally did it, I went to the M.A.C counter and actually got a foundation fitting. I’ve always been really intimidated by the counter as the staff can wear some pretty scary makeup, and it can seem like its a bit of a secret club. I’ve gone and done it now (I was spurred on because Debenhams had a 10% off deal, so I paid less that the prices I have listed here).

Collage of makeup bought at MAC

21. M.A.C Lipstick in “Plumfull”

I’ve heard Essie Button raving about this lipstick, and I’m hoping it may fullfil my quest to find the perfect plum lip colour! I only bought this yesterday so I cant comment on it yet. I am a bit too excited to own my first M.A.C lipstick!

22. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in “Light”

This is a lovely, silky and light powder that sets foundation beautifully. My only criticism of this is that it doesn’t come with a mirror in the lid. Its not a deal-breaker ladies! (Don’t get it? YOU NEED TO WATCH 30 ROCK NOW!).

23. M.A.C Face and Body Foundation in “N2”

This foundation excites me! Its a bang on match colour-wise for me and it really lifts my face and complexion. Its buildable, and doesn’t feel heavy, and it has a fresh smell to it that smells clean. I am looking forward to using this and properly testing it out, but I am already impressed.


Phew! That’s quite a lot I have listed here, there are still a few things I left out namely magazine freebies (Nails Inc & Models Own) as well as more standard everyday stuff like medicated winter lip balm (Blistex is a life saver).

I know its a lot. I feel a bit embarrassed by the volume of stuff I have collected over the past couple of months. I wont be buying more for some time… its not even like I should have bought most of this! I have a lot of things to use up, try properly or bin if its a dud. You can expect some more in-depth reviews coming up over the next weeks.

Over and out!

Nail Pop Flake Glitter Nail Polishes

Photo of two glitter nail polishes
Superdrug in Bristol city centre has just had a major make over and have installed a fantastic new range of beauty products. One of the new brands that have been introduced are Nail Pop nail polishes by Look Beauty. They have also (finally!) installed a proper display for MUA and Essie, and also re-stocked their Sleek make up stand too. The range and display of the products has improved immensely, and the whole shopping experience is heaps better. Anyway, enough about that, lets look at these wonderful flake polishes!

Photo of Nail Pop's Sequin Effect nail polish

Flake polishes have the ability to magically transform plain polishes. They have a few benefits over normal glitter polishes: firstly, they don’t have a rough, gritty texture, and secondly, they have a more even spread of glitter particles so they’re less likely to have bald patches on finished nails.

Nail Pop’s Sequin Effect polish is very similar to Andrea Fullerton’s flake polish, and China Glaze’s Hunger Games flaky polish ‘Luxe and Lush’. It has a golden look about it, compared to Pearl Effect which has a blue look. I cant wait to try Pearl effect over a navy blue polish – I think it will really pop!

Nail Pop polishes cost £5 each at Superdrug or on the Look Beauty website. At the moment they are part of Superdrug’s brilliant 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics.

Have you tried Nail Pops yet? What did you think?

Nail polish from Corfu

Another post from the deep, dark depths of the drafts folder…

Photo of six bottles of nail polish
Who needs holiday souvenirs when you can have nail polish eh?

You know you’re a nail polish addict when…

…Holidays are an opportunity to buy brands you don’t already have in your collection!

Here are the six nail polishes I bought over the space of a week while on holiday in Corfu, all from brands I’ve never seen or heard of before. None of these bottles have names for their colours, so I’ll do my best to describe them below:

From left to right:

  • A clear polish with tiny holographic glitter particles and larger red and gold hearts by ‘Rapsodi’ (approx. 3€)
  • A clear pink polish with mid-pink glitter and strips of holographic silver glitter by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this one actually looks kind of rose-gold when painted on nails which surprised me
  • A clear blue polish with very fine silver glitter and holographic silver stars by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this is really pretty and sparkly, though its tricky getting the stars spread evenly
  • Neon pink Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – the formula for this is incredibly long wearing – I don’t have any other polishes that can outlast this beast! (approx. 2.50€)
  • Nude Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this was a gift for a friend so I have not tried it (approx. 2.50€)
  • Light grey Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this is still waiting to be tested, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with some sort of glittery French tips (approx. 2.50€)

Here is the Neon pink by Rapsodi in action (sadly the pink doesn’t show up as bright as it really is):
Photo of my feet in the bright blue sea

Earlier this year I went to Amsterdam where I also picked up a selection of nail polishes, you can read about those here: nail polish from Amsterdam.

Sugar dusted bon bons

Photo of nails painted lilac with glitterPlease excuse my slightly ‘chewed’ fingers – I have done a team building challenge in the mud and rain this week and my hands took a battering!

Pale frosty nails for chilly mornings

What we have here is two coats of Ciate’s Bon Bon with one layer of Andrea Fulerton’s flake-glitter top coat. Bon Bon is a pale, lilac colour and was one of the freebie polishes given away with a magazine, I forget which, earlier in the year. You can still pick it up on eBay for around £5, and Superdrug sells Andrea Fulerton polishes.

Photo of two bottles of nail varnish

I’ve misplaced my camera connectors so I am stuck just using my iPhone to take photos at the moment which is why things are less crisp. Hopefully normal service will be resumed again soon!

Mermaid nails

Photo of nails painted green and turquoise with holographic glitter

Here are some very sparkly nails! Ring finger and thumbnail are painted in etos mint green (yet another polish from Amsterdam) and index, middle and little fingers are painted with GOLD by Giles polish (from Giles Deacon’s range for New Look). I cant see what shade this polish is on the bottle and I can’t find it on the New Look website (this annoys me) so I’m just going to call it ‘Teal’. This polish costs £2.99.

Photo of a bottle of Giles Deacon's nail polish for New Look

The teal polish did not wear well compared to the etos polish. Tip wear and chips appeared after a day and a bit.

The look is completed by three epic coats of China Glaze ‘Techno’, which is one of the most fabulous glitter polishes out there. Techno has multiple sized silver holographic glitter suspended in clear polish. It’s my first ever China Glaze polish and I am very impressed with it, I was very excited to receive it in my May JolieBox! As with all glitters it is a nightmare to photograph, but take it from me, this is very glittery!

Photo of a bottle of China Glaze glitter nail polish called Techno

I’ve become frustrated by the lumpyness of the glitter on this, I think I overdid it. Either that, or I needed to put a top coat on to seal it all in and stop it from catching on things.

Essie Watermelon and sparkles

Photo of nails painted red with a glitter top coat
Here is the other Essie nail polish I bought on my recent trip to Amsterdam, and I love it! The Essie diffusion range is definitely my favourite polish brand right now.

‘Watermelon’ is a juicy red-pink shade that applies opaque in just one coat. I’ve paired it here with a concoction of top coats…starting with a layer of etos glitter polish (another Amsterdam buy), then a layer of H&M matte top coat (which made the polish look a very bizarre colour), and then finished off with another layer of the etos polish to add back the shine and sparkle.

The matte coat seems to have added an extra dimension to the hologram glitter, making the finish very jelly-like and bright.

The wear-time on this nail polish combo was fantastic, I wore it for five days straight with no chips!

Photo of nails painted with Essie watermelon polish