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Winter Fun at Center Parcs

Photo of trees with sunlight shining through them
A few weeks ago I went to Center Parcs for a lovely relaxing long weekend. I went with three of my friends: Martina, Robb and Hugh, and we had a wonderful time. It was the fourth time I’ve been to Longleat Center Parcs, and my sixth or seventh stay at Center Parcs – so you can tell there is something special about the place that keeps drawing me back!

The highlights:

  • Going to the spa on Friday evening for a moonlight experience. Sheer bliss. Fell asleep on a waterbed.
  • Going on all of the water slides, even the outdoor ‘rapids’ for the first time!
  • Pottery painting with Tina. Painted a mug with my favourite trees on it: silver birch.
  • Eating lots of delicious food, including toasting marshmallows on our fire.
  • Eating pic’n’mix while watching WWE Wrestling, curled up under a duvet!
  • Feeding the ducks!
  • Watching a firework display then eating roast pork dinner courtesy of Mr Robb!

Here are some photos from our trip. I only had my iPhone with me, so the quality isn’t great, but I hope you get an idea of how much fun we had.

Photo of Hugh, Robb and Tina
Hugh, Robb and Tina. Smashing companions.

Collage of photos of winter scenes

Photo of Robb and Hugh playing crazy golf

Photo of Robb and Hugh by the lake

Photo of Robb and Hugh feeding ducks

Photo of a pack of giant marshmallows

Photo of a disgracefully large waffle with ice cream

Photo of Tina at Center Parcs

Photo of Robb giving some reindeers the thumbs up


I cant wait to go again! Next year – who’s in?!