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American Apparel ‘Supernova’ & ‘Echo Park’ nail polish

Two bottles of nail polish, one glittery and one grey

I’ve been lusting after OPI’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ nail polish for a while, but I’ve not given in to the prices on eBay. It seems to be one of those must have items that has the world of nail polish fans excited, and has forced prices up and availability down.

I know Technic has a dupe of this, but I don’t know anywhere in Bristol that sells Technic nail polish, and again, I think the hype has pushed up the price of their shade. I’ve also never used Technic nail polish and following some disasters with some recent cheap polish purchases I’m sceptical.

I had a peek in American Apparel last week and was very excited by their nail polish range which includes some rather fabulous glitter polishes, including ‘Supernova’. Supernova has multicoloured glitter suspended in clear polish like Rainbow Connection and the Technic polish.

Supernova nail polish worn over pink nail polish

Swatches of nail laquerThe polish goes on well, though you do need two coats to get an even cover of glitter. In the picture above I’m wearing it over H&M ‘Pinkastic’ which I wore for the Girly Girl challenge.

Supernova costs £9, so its not a budget buy, but also not a luxury polish. Its a good sized bottle, and for some reason I like the rectangle shape as its a bit different to other bottles. It also gives a nice clear view of the contents.

Other glitters in the range include a gold flake (yeh, I want this one too!), another multicoloured glitter polish with larger, round particles, a silver glitter (like Models Own Juicy Jules just not as holographic) and a thin strand-shaped silver holographic polish. Of course I’d quite like all of them, but while pennies are tight, I will suffice with Supernova!

I think this will look awesome over black or white polish, but it could work well over most colours as it has so many in it already of course.

Also, its worth noting that at the moment American Apparel in Cabot Circus has two bins of nail polish reduced to just £1 per bottle! The colours in the bin have been reduced because they have started to separate a little, but I found just giving them a shake rectified this! I bought their grey polish Echo Park here for a quid. Bargain!

Other colours reduced include a khaki green, a yellowy-mustard, and a peachy pink colour (I cant remember their names unfortunately).

As a general note, I find American Apparel to be expensive for what it is and their staff can be quite unfriendly at times, though I do still like mooching in there every now and then because it reminds me of shopping in New York. Oh to be in NYC!