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January Nails

Photo of nails painted with polish and sparkly tips

It’s January. Arguably the most boring of all the months, no? I’ve been lusting after the simplicity of nude nails, just plain and simple and clean. But, in the same breath, I’m not ready for no glitter. These nails mourn the passing of the glitteriest festival of the year, Christmas, and welcome the remainder of winter.

This is Essie’s ‘Sugar Daddy’. Five coats of Sugar Daddy to be specific. The tips are painted with Models Own ‘Juicy Jules’ – just a light coat. Finished with a top coat of No7 clear polish.

All of the other Essie polishes I’ve tried have been fantastic, but this one is pants. Five coats. FIVE. And its still transparent. £7.99 is too much for a polish that takes five coats to achieve not very much.

Photo of nails painted in Essie Sugar Daddy and Models Own  Juicy Jules

Topshop ‘Dark Knight’ Nail Polish

Photos of glittery blue nail polish
Clockwise from left: 3 coats of polish, one coat of polish, posing with some Babycham

Another disappointing polish from Topshop… I’m starting to wonder if its just me, or if they are all crap?

This polish looks beautiful in the bottle, and once its applied and you see it at a distance and squint a bit. That’s where the pretty-ness ends though.

Topshop describe Dark Knight as this:

Fast drying, extra long wear with lasting glossy glitter finish and perfect coverage. Apply base coat, wear alone or apply over another colour, and finish with glossy topcoat. For best results, always follow these three steps.

Via Topshop

Er, no. This is describing a completely different polish. Dark Knight is slooooow to dry, it chips after a day, has a dull finish and has a lumpy and stripy coverage. In fact, the polish is so gloopy to paint with its like working with partially dried PVA glue.

I think Topshop nail polish sucks. I’m not going to buy another bottle unless they radically change their formula as £6 is too much for such a crap product. I’d rather go to the Pound Shop and buy six bottles of Revlon nail polish, or a Model’s Own polish.

Have you had any better luck with Topshop nail polish?


Most Disappointing Nail Polish, EVER

Photo of Topshop glitter nail polish
Topshop’s ‘Mercury Rising’ nail polish

This is the most disappointing nail polish I have tried all year. Seriously, how crap is the glitter in this polish compared to how awesome it looks in the bottle?

I’m wearing two coats in the picture above – I couldn’t see the point of trying with a third coat. The glitter is really uneven to work with and the finish just looks plain crap. I don’t even know if this would work over a coloured base. I feel like I’ve wasted £6 on this and I could have got something a lot better from Barry M at half the price.

Have you tried Mercury Rising and had better luck? I’d love to know!

Nail Pop Flake Glitter Nail Polishes

Photo of two glitter nail polishes
Superdrug in Bristol city centre has just had a major make over and have installed a fantastic new range of beauty products. One of the new brands that have been introduced are Nail Pop nail polishes by Look Beauty. They have also (finally!) installed a proper display for MUA and Essie, and also re-stocked their Sleek make up stand too. The range and display of the products has improved immensely, and the whole shopping experience is heaps better. Anyway, enough about that, lets look at these wonderful flake polishes!

Photo of Nail Pop's Sequin Effect nail polish

Flake polishes have the ability to magically transform plain polishes. They have a few benefits over normal glitter polishes: firstly, they don’t have a rough, gritty texture, and secondly, they have a more even spread of glitter particles so they’re less likely to have bald patches on finished nails.

Nail Pop’s Sequin Effect polish is very similar to Andrea Fullerton’s flake polish, and China Glaze’s Hunger Games flaky polish ‘Luxe and Lush’. It has a golden look about it, compared to Pearl Effect which has a blue look. I cant wait to try Pearl effect over a navy blue polish – I think it will really pop!

Nail Pop polishes cost £5 each at Superdrug or on the Look Beauty website. At the moment they are part of Superdrug’s brilliant 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics.

Have you tried Nail Pops yet? What did you think?

The wonder of nail wheels

Photo of two painted nail wheels

I’m probably very late to this party, but I’m certainly pleased to be here now. Nail wheels are the future!

I picked up a couple of wheels from eBay for £1.50 on a whim, and was initially very underwhelmed as they seemed very static and plasticky, and not exciting at all. However, oh my. Once I started painting them it became clear that just buying two was not sufficient at all. They make testing new nail polishes quick and mess-free. They are also great for trying nail art design ideas, to see what they look like before the faff of painting my own nails.

Here are some of my current favourite colours collected together:

Photo of a nail wheel painted with lots of colours

From the top:

  • Bluebelle by Nails Inc for InStyle magazine, 2 coats
  • Candy Shop by Deborah Lippmann, 3 coats + 1 coat NYC in a New York Minute top coat
  • Forget You by Deborah Lippmann, 3 coats + top coat
  • Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann, 3 coats + top coat
  • Cyan Blue by Barry M, 2 coats
  • Blue Moon by Barry M, 2 coats
  • Techno by China Glaze, 2 coats + top coat
  • The Cassette Society II by Bloom, 2 coats
  • Totally Teal by No7, 2 coats
  • Betty Blues by No7, 2 coats
  • Paris by Nails Inc, 2 coats
  • Russian Roulette by Essie, 2 coats
  • Watermelon by Essie, 2 coats
  • Status Symbol by Essie, 2 coats
  • Jelly Bean by Ciate, 2 coats
  • Lovie Dovie by Essie, 2 coats
  • Bon Bon by Ciate, 2 coats
  • Porchester Square by Nails Inc, 2 coats

Here are my latest nail polish buys from the terribly dangerous Boots 3 for 2 deal immortalised on a nail wheel:

Photo of a nail wheel painted with Christmas colours

As you can see, I’ve had fun trying out different combinations of colours and effects. Nail wheels offer a cheap way to practice techniques and experiment with combinations. I’m loving the combo of Revlon’s Rain Forest with Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday – it looks like a decorated Christmas tree!

Nail wheel painted green with multicoloured glitter

Have you tried using nail wheels before? What did you think?

3 for 2 Boots nail polish haul

Photo of six nail polishes

Boots is currently running one of their lethal 3 for 2 deals across their make up ranges. I’ve indulged this week and bought six polishes…though I really shouldn’t have, the last thing I need more of is nail polish.

I picked up a few shades I have wanted for ages, including Revlon’s Rain Forest which is a gorgeous dark green polish with tiny glittery particles. I also picked up Gold Coin and Sequin which are wonderful metallic shades perfect for Christmas.

Photo of Revlon's Rain Forest nail polish
Photo of nails painted with green nail polish and glitter
I’m planning on doing some nail art with Rain Forest and Deborah Lippmann’smulti-coloured glitter polish ‘Happy Birthday’ – it’s a really festive combo!

Photo of a nail painted red with a black snowflake

Russian Roulette by Essie is a gorgeous bright, bold red, and Blanc is a perfect snowy white. I also picked up Mint Candy Apple which I’ve wanted for months. I’ve bought several dupes for this minty colour by Barry M, W7 and Etos but none were quite right and took too many coats to be opaque.

I’ve now got quite a collection of Essie polishes and each one is opaque with two coats, plus they dry pretty quickly. The more polishes I use, the more I love Essie.

Essie polishes cost £7.99 each and the Revlon polishes are £6.49 for their old-style polishes (like Gold Coin) and £7.99 for their newer polishes. View all Boots 3 for 2 make up here.

Nail polish from Corfu

Another post from the deep, dark depths of the drafts folder…

Photo of six bottles of nail polish
Who needs holiday souvenirs when you can have nail polish eh?

You know you’re a nail polish addict when…

…Holidays are an opportunity to buy brands you don’t already have in your collection!

Here are the six nail polishes I bought over the space of a week while on holiday in Corfu, all from brands I’ve never seen or heard of before. None of these bottles have names for their colours, so I’ll do my best to describe them below:

From left to right:

  • A clear polish with tiny holographic glitter particles and larger red and gold hearts by ‘Rapsodi’ (approx. 3€)
  • A clear pink polish with mid-pink glitter and strips of holographic silver glitter by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this one actually looks kind of rose-gold when painted on nails which surprised me
  • A clear blue polish with very fine silver glitter and holographic silver stars by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this is really pretty and sparkly, though its tricky getting the stars spread evenly
  • Neon pink Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – the formula for this is incredibly long wearing – I don’t have any other polishes that can outlast this beast! (approx. 2.50€)
  • Nude Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this was a gift for a friend so I have not tried it (approx. 2.50€)
  • Light grey Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this is still waiting to be tested, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with some sort of glittery French tips (approx. 2.50€)

Here is the Neon pink by Rapsodi in action (sadly the pink doesn’t show up as bright as it really is):
Photo of my feet in the bright blue sea

Earlier this year I went to Amsterdam where I also picked up a selection of nail polishes, you can read about those here: nail polish from Amsterdam.

Sugar dusted bon bons

Photo of nails painted lilac with glitterPlease excuse my slightly ‘chewed’ fingers – I have done a team building challenge in the mud and rain this week and my hands took a battering!

Pale frosty nails for chilly mornings

What we have here is two coats of Ciate’s Bon Bon with one layer of Andrea Fulerton’s flake-glitter top coat. Bon Bon is a pale, lilac colour and was one of the freebie polishes given away with a magazine, I forget which, earlier in the year. You can still pick it up on eBay for around £5, and Superdrug sells Andrea Fulerton polishes.

Photo of two bottles of nail varnish

I’ve misplaced my camera connectors so I am stuck just using my iPhone to take photos at the moment which is why things are less crisp. Hopefully normal service will be resumed again soon!

Andrea Fullerton: Ashvina

Nails painted blue-black with Andrea Fullerton Ashvina nail polish

Photo of Andrea Fullerton Ashvina nail polish

‘Ashvina’ is an inky-blue-black polish from Andrea Fullerton’s range available in Superdrug for £3.99. It’s a nice polish that applies easily, though it doesn’t live up to its claim of being able to apply it in one or two coats. You do need a minimum of two coats to get coverage and even then a third is needed to even out some stripy areas. It dries quite quickly though so its not too much trouble.

The finish is good and I wore this for two days without any chips appearing. The formula and brush is good, its quite runny which I like as it makes it easier to work with. I do like the colour, but once you have applied three coats the blue tinge is not noticeable, it just looks like a black polish. I have not tried any of the other colours in the range, but I am a fan of Andrea Fullerton’s top coats, especially the flake glitter I have used on my Snowy Nails and on my Nails on Fire manicures.

Have you tried any of Andrea Fullerton’s nail colours? What did you think?

Mermaid nails

Photo of nails painted green and turquoise with holographic glitter

Here are some very sparkly nails! Ring finger and thumbnail are painted in etos mint green (yet another polish from Amsterdam) and index, middle and little fingers are painted with GOLD by Giles polish (from Giles Deacon’s range for New Look). I cant see what shade this polish is on the bottle and I can’t find it on the New Look website (this annoys me) so I’m just going to call it ‘Teal’. This polish costs £2.99.

Photo of a bottle of Giles Deacon's nail polish for New Look

The teal polish did not wear well compared to the etos polish. Tip wear and chips appeared after a day and a bit.

The look is completed by three epic coats of China Glaze ‘Techno’, which is one of the most fabulous glitter polishes out there. Techno has multiple sized silver holographic glitter suspended in clear polish. It’s my first ever China Glaze polish and I am very impressed with it, I was very excited to receive it in my May JolieBox! As with all glitters it is a nightmare to photograph, but take it from me, this is very glittery!

Photo of a bottle of China Glaze glitter nail polish called Techno

I’ve become frustrated by the lumpyness of the glitter on this, I think I overdid it. Either that, or I needed to put a top coat on to seal it all in and stop it from catching on things.