About Me

Hello, it’s nice to see you here

Illustration of Bonny Colville-HydeMy name is Bonny and I’m a User Experience Designer. It’s a fancy title that just means I make websites and apps easier to use. However, that’s not all that I do…

So why the blog?

I’m a big nerd at heart. I love the internet and any excuse to wallow in it.

At the start of 2012 I discovered the world of bloggers and blogging and I’ve not looked back since. I wanted to have my own site, one that I am in complete control of, just to have fun with and so, Over Stuffed was born.

I mainly blog about my obsessions: nail polish, crafting and life in general. I don’t have a strict theme or approach as I just like to blog for the hell of it. I try to post regularly but that’s not always possible due to my work load and home life. At the moment I am aiming for a post a week.

A note to PR’s

I always feel really chuffed when brands or PR’s ask me to attend events or review things, however, because I am busy I wont consider doing anything unless its something I am really into. To be honest, life it too short to write about things that I’m not passionate about. I will always review products and services honestly and without bias and will disclose all sponsored posts.

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You can email me here: overstuffedonline@gmail.com

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