Schwarzkopf Color Mask: Light Golden Brown

Much to my immense irritation I’ve been going grey, or rather white, since I was about 18. As the white hair has multiplied over the years I have struggled to find hair dye that actually covers white hair. Most hair dyes promise to cover ‘grey’ hair and don’t mention white, so there must be something harder to dye when it comes to hair without any pigment.

About four months ago I had my hair dyed professionally, and I had two shades put in to blend through my natural hair colour and help cover and camoflage the white hair. I was really pleased with the results, but the highlights were growing out and had started to look a bit silly. I didn’t want to spend £110 to get my hair dyed again, so I decided to brave a home dye kit once again… I found Schwarzkopf’s new ‘Color Mask’ kit on offer for £4.99 and decided to try it as I liked the sound of a hair mask.

Here is how I found the process:


Photos of hair

The extent of the white hair:

Photo of white hair

Schwarzkopf Color Mask in ‘Light Golden Brown’

Photo of a box of hair dye

Photo of hair dye results chart


Photo of hair covered in hair dye

The application was easy, however I didn’t notice any difference between the texture and consistency of this ‘mask’ dye compared with any normal dye. It was better than the drippy wet ‘foam’ dyes though, and I managed to easily cover my whole head without it dripping everywhere which was great. It did smell pretty bad – but then most hair dye does.


Photo collage of hair following dye

These pictures don’t accurately show the colour my hair has come out as because I couldn’t take them in natural light. I’m not particularly pleased with the colour as it is darker than I had wanted, and has red/auburn undertones rather than ‘golden’ ones. It HAS covered the white hair though! They still stand out as being different to the other hair, but not in such a stark way. This has really impressed me as I have found it so tricky to find a dye that can do this.

The dye hasn’t left my hair feeling as glossy as dyes often do. It’s dryer and feels like it needs a lot of care to keep it looking shiny.

I would use this dye again, but in a lighter shade, and I think I would do an intensive conditioning treatment straight afterwards to help replenish it.

Have you had any luck with home hair dye kits? Can you recommend any brands that do a good job of covering white hair?!

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