New Season Spring/Summer 2013 Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric

Liberty design the most beautiful collections of fabric, and their Spring/Summer 2013 collection is stunning. ‘The Flower Show’ is a combination of modern and traditional florals. I’ve been falling in love with their fresh-yet-retro look. Here are my favourites from the collection:

Amy Jane

Photos of four colour ways of Liberty fabric
Amy Jane in colour ways A, B, C & D

Colour way D is my favourite Amy Jane design: I love the way the blue background sings against the orange of the heart outlines.


Photos of four colour ways of Scilly Tana Lawn fabric
Scilly in colour ways A, B, C & D

Each colour way Scilly comes in is perfect. I keep thinking of this fabric and what I could make with it: cushions in colour way C, a skirt in colour way A and a bag lining in D.


Photos of four colourways of Liberty Castle fabric
Castle in colour ways A, B, C & D

This design is markedly different from the others in the collection – it has a more masculine look and feel, and almost has a touch of the Hieronymus Bosch to it.


Photos of four different colourways of Liberty Hazel Tana Lawn fabric
Hazel in colour ways A, B, C & D

Just look at the bright red of colour way A, and the vibrant pink of colour way C! How joyful are these fabrics?! I really want to make a skirt in the pink colour – it would be perfect for spring.

Hugo Grenville

Photos of four colour ways of Liberty Tana Lawn fabtic
Hugo Grenville in colour ways A, B, C & D

A and D are my favourites from this design – I love their surprising contrast colours in what is a more traditional floral pattern.


Photos of four colour ways of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric
Irma in colour ways A, B, C & D

Imagine floaty summer dresses made from Irma fabric? So light and sweet. Another lovely set of different colour options that are feminine, young and traditional all on one go.

You can read more about how Liberty designed their Flower Show collection on their blog: THE FLOWER SHOW: SPRING SUMMER 2013 TANA LAWN COLLECTION.


    • Bonny

      The cost is off-putting – these are all about £22 a meter which puts them out of the affordable category for me! I’m going to London this weekend and planning to have a look in Liberty, so I will have to remember the asking for samples trick! Thank you!

      • shipshapebristolfashion

        Play the fledgling designer card rather than the student card if I were you! : ) Oh, and if you have the time, check out the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House if you can. It’s free and there are some stunning photos in it x

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