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Photo of blurry Christmas lights

Before Christmas I ordered a Holga lens for my Canon 400D DSLR, eager to reinvigorate my passion for taking photographs. I have tried taking pictures using the Lomography Diana+ camera in the past, but found its unpredictable results frustratingly expensive. The cost and hassle of getting medium format film processed stopped me wanting to do it anymore. I considered getting a Holga 35mm camera to play with, but realised it made more sense to just order a lens from China and try it on my existing camera.

Photos of a Holga lens for Canon cameras

The lens was really cheap (for a lens) at about £12 including postage. It took about ten days to arrive, which wasn’t bad either especially as I ordered it well into December and I still received it the day after Boxing day. The lens is very small, and only has four ‘settings’ based on distance from their focal point. These require a fair amount of guess-work as you can’t see the difference they make through the viewfinder very easily due to the lack of light the lens lets through.

The lens is completely manual – so there is no auto-focus. Be prepared to take a lot of fuzzy shots! Like with the real Lomo cameras, they need a lot of light to work well without a flash. As you’ll see in the photos below, the lens has a lot of vignetting, making daytime shots appear darker than they are. That is partly to blame for the grey winter weather at the moment too though.

I have a feeling that I will pack this lens away until summer when it will be more fun to use. It’s too dark and grey at the moment.

Photo of oranges in a box

Photo of a garden duck ornament

Photo of a Christmas tree

Photo of a lily

Photo of flowers

If you’ve tried a lomo lens on a DSLR I would LOVE to hear how you’ve found it, and if you have any tips for how to take better pictures with it – so please share any links in the comments below!

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  1. shipshapebristolfashion

    Like, like, like! Have been meaning to pop in to Photographique to look at attachements for lomo lenses. I’m waiting for my second roll to come back but so far, the results with my Diana Dreamer have been disappointing at expensive!

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