The Twin Peaks Look in 2012

I’m a huge Twin Peaks fan. I’m an addict: I watch both seasons at least twice a year. If you’ve not seen it, I can’t recommend it enough and its on Netflix, so there really is no excuse not to check out this David Lynch masterpiece!

For those of you who are unfortunate enough not to know about Twin Peaks, its a TV show from the late 1980’s that follows the investigation into the murder of a teenager called Laura Palmer. Its full of dark humour, surprising twists and scary moments.

One of the things I have come to love about Twin Peaks are the ’80’s costumes. The female leading characters really rock knitwear: think fitted jumpers nipped in at the waist, the chunky sweaters and manically-patterned cardigans, worn with knee length skirts, brogues and low heels.

Audrey Horne

Collage of pictures of Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks
Audrey Horne is one of the most glamorous characters in Twin Peaks. She really rocks the fitted jumper and skirt combo, in fact she makes it an art form! She’s always perfectly made up with cherry lips and porcelain skin, like a 1950’s movie star.

Donna Hayward

Collage of pictures of Donna Hayward from Twin Peaks
Donna Hayward isn’t as glamorous as Audrey, but she certainly has an extensive sweater collection! Donna has less fitted clothes, opting for looser and longer jumpers, and fitted shirts. She wears darker, plummy lipstick and shadow to frame her eyes.

Getting Audrey & Donna’s look for 2012

I’ve been looking for some up-to-date versions of the clothes the Twin Peaks ladies wear, and I have struck gold with one of my all-time favourite brands this season – Louche. Louche are available from several smaller boutiques in Bristol, including the wonderful Fox and Feather on Gloucester Road, who are currently stocking these awesome Twin Peaks-like clothes:

Gianna Cardigan by Louche

Photo of a red and black cardigan
Available from Fox and Feather £39
I *adore* this cardigan so much, I’m going to struggle not to rush up the road and buy this – its so perfectly Twin Peaks! Even the pattern plays homage to the Red Room.

Eden Skirt by Louche

Photo of a black and white skirt
Available from Fox and Feather £39

Juno Top by Goldie Boutique

Photo of a white blouse
Available from Fox and Feather £35 (ON SALE NOW!)
I can just see Audrey wearing this, while she wafts around the Great Northern Hotel causing trouble.

Sheri Skirt by Louche

Photo of a skirt with red hearts on it
Available from Fox and Feather £39

Luca Penguin Cardigan by Louche

Photo of a cardigan with penguins on it
Available from Fox and Feather £48
This is a Donna cardigan with a modern twist – I can’t see Donna wearing a cardi with penguins on it, but the shape is perfect.

So what do you think of this modern take on the Twin Peaks look? Are there any TV shows you’d like to emulate with contemporary fashion?

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