Helen E Lip Crayons & Glosses

Photo of Helen E lipgloss and lip crayon pencil

Helen E is a brand I was completely unaware of until I saw a stand in Debenhams (in the Bullring in Birmingham). It appears they are in the process of transitioning to become a more accessible High Street brand, after predominantly selling online or at beauty events and to beauty schools. I’d say their products are in a mid price range, not cheap and not designer price tag either.

Two of the products I picked up as part of an introductory offer, were a lip gloss and a lip crayon. I blogged about them in my epic haul post a week or two ago. I’ve now had chance to test them out, and wow, I am really impressed!

Photo of Helen E lip crayon applied alone, and with lip gloss
Left: lip crayon in ‘Pomegranate’ worn alone, Right: Lip crayon worn with Glamour Colour Gloss in ‘Redcurrant’

Lip Crayon

The lip crayon I chose is in the shade ‘Pomegranate’, which is a deep berry shade. Its a chunky pencil, and is really easy to wear. I love the formula – its soft and goes on easily, and it really lasts. I have been wearing this on its own to all my Christmas parties as I love the matte finish. I can’t rate this highly enough, and I’m planning to add several more of these to my collection in the New Year. Love it.

These crayons cost £8, however I bought mine as part of a deal where I got 3 products for £10 (what a bargain!).

Glamour Colour Gloss

The gloss I picked up is in the shade ‘Redcurrant’ and it goes perfectly with the lip crayon. Its a great lip gloss that’s really comfortable to wear. It’s not super sticky and its also quite moisturising, and it feels light to wear (not heavy and gloopy).

The shade Redcurrant is really wearable – I have been wearing it alone and on top of the lip crayon and I love it. These glosses cost £10 each, but mine was part of the awesome 3 for £10 deal in Debenhams. I’m really wishing I had bought more from that stand as I am so pleased with these!

Action shots!:

Photo of me wearing the lip products
Left: On my way to a craft fair, Right: Going to my work Christmas party

Have you heard of Helen E cosmetics before? Have you tried any of their lip products?


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