Nail Pop Flake Glitter Nail Polishes

Photo of two glitter nail polishes
Superdrug in Bristol city centre has just had a major make over and have installed a fantastic new range of beauty products. One of the new brands that have been introduced are Nail Pop nail polishes by Look Beauty. They have also (finally!) installed a proper display for MUA and Essie, and also re-stocked their Sleek make up stand too. The range and display of the products has improved immensely, and the whole shopping experience is heaps better. Anyway, enough about that, lets look at these wonderful flake polishes!

Photo of Nail Pop's Sequin Effect nail polish

Flake polishes have the ability to magically transform plain polishes. They have a few benefits over normal glitter polishes: firstly, they don’t have a rough, gritty texture, and secondly, they have a more even spread of glitter particles so they’re less likely to have bald patches on finished nails.

Nail Pop’s Sequin Effect polish is very similar to Andrea Fullerton’s flake polish, and China Glaze’s Hunger Games flaky polish ‘Luxe and Lush’. It has a golden look about it, compared to Pearl Effect which has a blue look. I cant wait to try Pearl effect over a navy blue polish – I think it will really pop!

Nail Pop polishes cost £5 each at Superdrug or on the Look Beauty website. At the moment they are part of Superdrug’s brilliant 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics.

Have you tried Nail Pops yet? What did you think?

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