Nail polish from Corfu

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Photo of six bottles of nail polish
Who needs holiday souvenirs when you can have nail polish eh?

You know you’re a nail polish addict when…

…Holidays are an opportunity to buy brands you don’t already have in your collection!

Here are the six nail polishes I bought over the space of a week while on holiday in Corfu, all from brands I’ve never seen or heard of before. None of these bottles have names for their colours, so I’ll do my best to describe them below:

From left to right:

  • A clear polish with tiny holographic glitter particles and larger red and gold hearts by ‘Rapsodi’ (approx. 3€)
  • A clear pink polish with mid-pink glitter and strips of holographic silver glitter by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this one actually looks kind of rose-gold when painted on nails which surprised me
  • A clear blue polish with very fine silver glitter and holographic silver stars by ‘Hamilton’ (approx. 2.50€) – this is really pretty and sparkly, though its tricky getting the stars spread evenly
  • Neon pink Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – the formula for this is incredibly long wearing – I don’t have any other polishes that can outlast this beast! (approx. 2.50€)
  • Nude Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this was a gift for a friend so I have not tried it (approx. 2.50€)
  • Light grey Pacific by ‘Rapsodi’ – this is still waiting to be tested, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with some sort of glittery French tips (approx. 2.50€)

Here is the Neon pink by Rapsodi in action (sadly the pink doesn’t show up as bright as it really is):
Photo of my feet in the bright blue sea

Earlier this year I went to Amsterdam where I also picked up a selection of nail polishes, you can read about those here: nail polish from Amsterdam.

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