Craft inspiration for Autumn

I love Autumn. The change in the season makes me want to do more crafting, curled up in the warm, watching old movies. Ahh, what heaven! Here are a few crafty projects I have been looking to undertake that feel very autumnal:

Brightly coloured crochet

Photo of colourful striped crochet

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, it’s the perfect time to get working on a blanket project, and what’s better than the wonderful Granny Stripe Blanket by Attic24?! This blanket is cheap to make using Style Craft Special DK, which is a 100% acrylic yarn that is nice and soft to work with, and very affordable.

The blanket is quite a big project, I’ve been working on mine (the one in the picture above) for several months on and off, and it takes me almost four whole hours to do one colour stripe because I have made my blanket so darn large! I have big plans for this blanket though, so its got to be big: one day this will take pride of place in the log cabin in the woods I plan to build… how awesome will that look?

If the size of this project is too intimidating for you, have a good look around Attic24’s blog as there are lots of other smaller, but just as beautiful projects on there.

Cheap, recycled lanterns

Photo of a candle lantern made from a tin can

This is a really quick and cheap project to bring a bit of magical light into your home on these darkening nights. I love the idea of having a whole collection of these tin can lanterns on my book shelves and watching tea light flames flickering through their punched holes. You can find out how to make these cute lanterns on the Homelife site.

Rustic coat hanger

Photo of a wooden coat hanger made from sticks

Autumn always makes me think more about nature than other times in the year. I love how the smell in the air changes, and takes on a crispness that summer doesn’t have. I love the aesthetics of woodland things, and this combined with my obsession with log cabins makes this sort of project really appeal to me.

This is an inexpensive project and it could really bring a bit of rustic charm into a hallway. You can see how to make the coat hanger on the Oh Crafts site.

Mushroom cupcakes

Photo of cakes that look like mushrooms

These cupcakes are so adorable they shouldn’t just be enjoyed in Autumn! These are such a simple idea, but so effective and perfect for special events. I found these cakes beng demonstrated as part of a children’s woodland fairy birthday party scene. I don’t know very much about baking, but to me these cakes look like they can be made with just plain cupcakes and red and white icing.

Apple pin cushions

Photo of apples and pears made from fabric

Check out these charming fruit pin cushions! These look like the perfect crafty stocking filler to start making in time for Christmas. I think these could also look really sweet with embroidered faces. These apples are a great way to use up quilting scraps – so they are cheap and good for recycling too!

Find out how to make these apple-shaped pin cushions on The Guardian website.

If you make, or have made any of these projects, I would love to see the results! Please share links in the comments below.

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