Brunch Cookery School at The Devilled Egg

This is a very delayed post, in fact its a grande total of nearly five months late *blush*. It has been languishing in my drafts folder for far too long and I think its about time it got released into the world!

A few of months ago I was lucky enough to be asked to go to the Devilled Egg cookery school in Clifton Village, Bristol, with the wonderful Hayles for a special brunch cookery lesson courtesy of LivingSocial.

It was a brilliant morning – we were shown how to make bread rolls, soda bread, chorizo scotch eggs, choux pastry and real hollandaise sauce!

Woman kneading bread dough
Interesting fact: bread dough should be quite wet, most people make the mistake of adding too much flour during the kneading process which makes the end result dry and disappointing.

Assembling scotch eggs using chorizo
Assembling scotch eggs: the eggs should be soft boiled, then have their shells very carefully removed. The eggs can then be wrapped in sausage meat or in this case, chorizo.

Scotch egg with runny yolk and chorizo sausage meat
Runny yolk: soft boiling the eggs first, and then quickly deep frying the assembled scotch eggs means that the yolks remain wonderfully runny!

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