Nail polish from Amsterdam

Photo of 11 nail polish bottles
When I got back from Amsterdam yesterday, I went through my shopping and found I had managed to buy 11 nail polishes in just two days. I think I have a problem! In my defence nine of them are not full-size polishes…is that any defence? Nope, I do have a problem! I’m not going to buy any more nail polish for a month.

First up, we have a selection of polishes from my favourite Dutch shop HEMA:
Photo of three pink nail polishes and one gold glitter polish

HEMA have a great selection of their own brand cosmetics including a great range of colours in their nail polish range. I bought three pinks (shades ’04’, ’08’ and ’21’) plus a fine gold glitter (shade ’03’). They cost €2.29 each (approx. £1.84) and they are 7ml in size. The gold glitter cost a little less, €2 (approx. £1.60)

I also got rather excited in the Dutch equivalent of Superdrug: a shop called etos that has loads of small branches all over Amsterdam. Even in the really small shops they have a good selection of cosmetics including their own brand, Rimmel, Loreal and Maybelline.

I picked out five mini polishes from their own etos brand: four glitters plus a mint creme polish:

Photo of four glitter nail polishes from etos

Photo of pink glitter nail polish from etos

Photo of mint green nail polish by etos

These mini polishes cost €1.99 each (approx. £1.60) and don’t have a size on them, but I’s say they must be about 5ml? I’m slightly concerned about how the glitter in these will apply as they look like the glitter is not mixing well in the jelly polish, it’s sort of clumping together.

I was really pleased to see that etos had just started stocking essie nail polish too, and had a launch offer for €2 off making the polish cost €7.99 each (approx. £6.42) – what a bargain! I managed to stop myself going too nuts and just chose two polishes:

Photo of two pink nail polishes from essie

Here we have ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Lovie Dovie’ – aren’t they awesome pinks?! I am really looking forward to trying these two out in particular as they look so lovely, and I have wanted to try essie out for ages, but hadn’t had the chance.

Sooo, I’ve definitely bought enough nail polish for now, so I am going to ban myself from buying any more for a month from today. I seriously don’t need any more nail polish!

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