Revlon Scented Nail Polish

Pink nail polish that is scented

Revlon have brought out a range of scented nail polishes of which ‘Grapefruit Fizz’ is one. They caught my eye in Superdrug and I thought it was worth a go as Revlon polishes are generally very good, last a long time and have a great finish. As you can see, Grapefruit Fizz is a slightly glittery pink and has a ‘jelly’ consistency. The pictures show three coats.

Bottle of Revlon Grapefruit Fizz nail polishI found the scent to be a complete non-event. There is a slight chemical-fruit scent when applying the polish, and this lasts on the nails for a day or so before disappearing. Its not completely unpleasant, but its not very nice either!

The lasting power and the finish of this polish is excellent though and despite a lot of wear and tear it’s not chipped at all in nearly five whole days – pretty darn impressive!

I popped in to House of Fraser the other day and tried some of my wishlist Deborah Lippmann nail polishes out on top of Grapefruit Fizz, and here are the results (please excuse cuticles!):

Pink nail polish with gold glitter on top

Pink nail polish with multi coloured glitter on top

Pink nail polish with silver glitter on top

What do you think? Have you tried any scented nail polishes?

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  1. Niki

    The nails look just like those refresher bars I used to love eating when I was younger (who am I kidding, I still do!) I can just imagine them smelling of grapefruit!

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