Pixi Beauty Flagship Store

I have been very wistful seeing the new make up range developed between Pixi and Disney, so when I had the chance to visit Pixi’s flagship store in London, I knew I had to pop in! I’d like to note as well, that I am not into Disney stuff at all as I usually find it far too sickly, however this collaboration looked so charming I felt differently. In fact, I think I became a little obsessed with this range and its packaging, I love that it is so different from the shelves of ‘boring’ black cosmetic packaging out there.

I was so eager to have a closer look at the Pixi Glow range that I arrived before the shop actually opened:

Window display with a large drawing of a fairy

The illustration of Tinkerbell was done in collaboration between Pixi and Disney’s artists to create a new look that would fit together with Pixi’s approach to natural beauty. This Tinkerbell is definitely more grown-up, but still cute.

Once the shop opened, I pretty much felt as happy as this cat:

Animated cat wearing a red cloak and carrying a basket

Here is the Pixi Glow display stand, showcasing the small, but perfectly formed collection:

Display stand of Pixi Glow products

The little shop is nestled just off Carnaby Street, behind Liberty’s, and when I say little, I do mean it: there is no room to swing a cat in there! The shop is lovely though, and it showcases Pixi products beautifully. It made me want to buy everything in there, especially their nail polishes which are all perfect colours. I don’t think they have one colour I’d not be happy to wear:

Pixi nail polishes in a range of colours

Yep, I wanted to buy all of them. Pixi also stocks some Pop Beauty products too, including their awesome nail polishes (check out the pink, black and silver glitter one!):

Display stand of pop beauty nail polish

More things to lust after:

Cosmetics arranged on shelves in neat rows

At the back of the shop by the counter there is a little table with sale items, most of which are priced at £5. When I visited they had a selection of reduced Lip Treat lipsticks, some foundation and glitter pots, so its worth having a rummage.

I managed to exercise some restraint and only came away with a few items (including the Pixi Glow Fairy Face Pallette) which I will review separately. It’s a good job there isn’t a Pixi store in Bristol or I would be addicted!

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