Black Kitty Nails

Pink nails painted with little black cats
Nails painted with black cats
Close up of pink nail with black cat painted on itI did these for my dear friend Rose last night while we were watching a marathon Come Dine With Me session on 4OD (on a side note, where do Channel 4 find these people?!).

I sketched the cats out on paper first, so that I had a reference to look at while I painted the cats. It’s really difficult to draw the same thing again and again, while changing it’s size to accomodate different nail sizes. I think I need a bit more practice as some of the cats look like they are sitting down, and others like they are lying down. It’s not purrfect (lame) but it is fun!

Base colour: Nails Inc ‘London’ (Free with Diet Coke a while back)
Cats: Claire’s Accessories Nail Art Pen in Black

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