Bjork Inspired Nails

Nails painted with multicoloured shapes
Day 6 of the Girly Girl nail art challenge: who inspires you? Create a manicure inspired by your favourite female role model. I had trouble choosing who to pick for this challenge, as I had ideas for Kate Bush, Mary Portas and several others, but eventually I settled on the awesome Icelandic eccentric, Bjork.

The world of Bjork

Bjork wearing bright colours
I first fell in love with Bjork’s music when I was studying film, and I saw the music videos she made with Michel Gondry (who is probably best known for ‘The Science of Sleep’ and ‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’). The match between the creativity of the videos and the music really inspired me, and I’ve loved her and her music ever since.

Human Behaviour – directed by Michel Gondry:

Bjork wearing a costume that is on fire

She is of course also famous for being quite a character, wearing swan dresses and attacking paparazzi. For me that all adds to her appeal to be honest. She is who she wants to be, unashamedly so. She’s always ready to try new things, and I get the impression she’s just not happy playing it safe, be it with music, clothes, art or even her website. I have a lot of respect for her ability to transcend fashions and genres and do things that are uniquely her.

Nails painted with crazy shapes and bright colours
The nails I painted are nowhere near good enough to encapsulate all that is Bjork! I wanted to do something inspired by some of the bright outfits and costumes she has work, so I collected together some bright polishes and got started painting some false nails with random patterns made up of lines and circles.

I’m posting this challenge entry late due to problems with my SD card, boo 🙁

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