17 Mirror Shine Lipstick

Two lipsticks on a grassy background

I love these lipsticks! They leave a finish like a gloss and don’t dry out my lips which I really appreciate as I hate drying lipstick. I have two colours, Flirtini, a bright sheer pink which lifts my face and makes me look brighter, and Belle, a better-than-natural-nude-pink colour that is perfect for everyday.

17 mirror shine lipstick labels

Two lipstick swatches
‘Belle’ on the left, and ‘Flirtini’ on the right.

I have been getting really into lipsticks recently and gone right off lip gloss, and these little beauties from Boots 17 are a great step between full-on lipstick or full-on gloss. They don’t have great lasting power (just two to three hours), though for the price, £4.69, they are still good value. I got mine in one of the 3-for-2 offers Boots seem to be running all the time.

They also come in these cute bright turquoise metallic cases – making them really stand out in your make up bag. These cases are not very sturdy though, and the lids come off very easily. Still, for the price I can’t complain.

Side note:
I hate the Boots website. Sorry to whoever works on it, but seriously, its an absolute pain to use. I’d actually like to use the site to order things, but heck, its such a pain I go elsewhere.

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