Inspiring Nail Art: Animal Nails!

I’ve been looking for inspiration for my next DIY manicure and I’m tempted to try one of these fun animal designs:

Cat nails by Mr Candiipants

Nails painted with cats faces
Love these!

Penguin Nails by JennMirelus

Nails painted with penguins
These would be especially good for geeky programmers 😉

Fish Scale Nails by Little Nails

Nails painted with scales
These look really easy (she says now…), but pretty unusual. Going to have to try these.

Owl Nails by Supa Nails

Nails painted with owls in neon colours
Can’t get enough of the owls!

Bunny Nails by Glittersmack

Pink nails painted with a grey bunny
I am going to do these, but as white Miffy nails for Easter 😀

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